Want tasty, different types of Parathas for Lunch? Here are 10 recipes

Parathas Recipes: A North Indian will always find a way to make parathas without wasting food. Parathas are very useful, but eating them for lunch doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

All you need is the willingness to make it, and a little butter does the rest! Here are 10 parathas you can enjoy for lunch. 

1. Garlic paratha

Hearty parathas topped with garlic masala and desi ghee are perfect for an afternoon meal.

2. Egg paratha

Bring health to paratha by making delicious egg paratha for your next lunch. Omelettes are common with parathas, but adding the egg mixture to the parathas while cooking is an art.

3. Lachcha paratha

The most beautiful parathas of all. Lachcha Paratha requires a few different tips and tricks, but it’s worth all the effort.

4. Punjabi Aloo Paratha

No offence, but Aloo paratha should be the king of all parathas. We all know we can’t have enough of it, and Makkan (butter) makes it all the more appealing.

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5. Palak Paratha

What’s the easiest way to enjoy delicious parathas without feeling guilty? Throw in some healthy ingredients like palak (spinach), and you have a healthy paratha on your plate.

6. Achari paratha

A person who has never eaten a paratha in his life is missing out on a delicious treat. Achari Paratha is a complete meal in itself! It is the most beautiful part of our childhood.

7. Paneer Paratha

You know that eating paneer paratha for lunch is a great way to show off that you enjoyed a delicious meal. Stuffed with a delicious filling of paneer, onions and green chillies, you have one of the tastiest parathas on your plate.

8. Bhujia paratha

What if chai time became a complete meal? This is exactly what Bhujia Paratha comes in. 

9. Cheese Paratha

If you love cheese and want to add cheese to everything, this is the paratha for you! Grate the cheese, add the chilli and oregano, and then stuff. 

10. Keema Paratha

The non-veg delicacy, keema paratha, should be on your must-try list if you haven’t tried it yet. This delicious paratha is easy to make and packed with flavour that tastes best when paired with pickled mango. 

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