Vastu Tips: Putting this one thing on roof top will open doors of success

Vastu Tips for Roof: Many things have been told in Vastu Shastra, following which your luck can shine. Many people work very hard but still success runs away from them. Actually, despite working hard in life, one of the reasons for not getting success can be Vastu Dosh.

It is believed that some things kept on the roof of the house can cause Vastu defects. Today we are going to tell you which things kept on the roof of your housework to brighten your luck and which things can turn your luck into misfortune.

Vastu Tips for Roof: Do not keep these things 

Vastu has a big impact on our life. According to Vastu, nothing should be kept on the roof of the house even by mistake, due to which there is the entry of negative energy into the house. According to Vastu Shastra, bad things, garbage and bad electronic items should never be kept on the roof of the house. These things are considered a symbol of negativity because of this, even your luck falls asleep.

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Therefore, if you have junk on the roof of your house, then without delay, take it out now. A junk kept on the roof is a sign of your misfortune. The house where junk is kept on the roof, poverty, and diseases reside there. That’s why garbage should never be kept on the roof.

Put this one thing on the roof

Those who are unable to get success even after hard work must follow the rules of Vastu. In Vaastu, some special tips have been given regarding the roof of the house, following which your luck can shine. Therefore, keep in mind that the roof of your house should always be clean. This brings happiness, prosperity and good luck to the house.

It has been told in Vastu that if trees and plants are planted on the roof of the house, then it is considered auspicious. It is believed that the house on which flowers bloom on the roof, the fortune of the people of that house rises. In Astu, the pots on the roof and the flowers blooming in them are celebrated very auspicious. If you also want to brighten your fortune, then put pots on the roof of your house today itself. With this, your sleeping luck will wake up, and the doors of progress will open.

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