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Vastu Tips: Do you know what are vaastu compliant for attached bathroom, toilet? Read on

Vastu Tips: The foundation for innovation is needed. To create opulent interior designs for residences or commercial buildings, architects and interior designers toil nonstop. While many people believe that having a bathroom adjacent to your bedroom is unlucky, following the Vastu for attached bathroom and toilet in bedroom regulations will help you avoid these issues. 

With a little modification to the design and planning, you can banish bad energy. Let’s examine a few Vastu recommendations for bathrooms and toilets that are attached.

Here are 10 guides for Vastu for the attached bathroom and toilet in the bedroom:

1. The Bathroom Door

The entrance to the bathroom must be on either the northern or eastern wall. The door should never be facing southwest, according to Vastu. Keep the bathroom door closed whenever it’s not in use because it’s connected to your bedroom.

2. The Ideal Direction

Check the bathroom direction when purchasing a pre-occupied flat to ensure it is in the proper location. The northwest or west of the room should include the toilet, according to Vastu Shastra. The southern side of the space is yet another advantageous aspect. Toiletries should never be placed on the northeastern or eastern side of a room, though.

3. A Place Higher than the Ground 

A large bathroom may be difficult to instal in smaller dwellings. This issue can be solved fairly easily. It is preferable to construct the toilet somewhat above the ground. A restroom area should never be on the same level as the ground, according to Vastu. However, there are also scientific advantages to keeping it a little isolated!

4. Place the Flush Toilet

The flush toilet or commode should have a position where the user faces any direction, but never west or east, according to Vastu Shastra. Therefore, the Southeast or Northwest facing North or South is the greatest location for the flush toilet.

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5. Best Place for the Water Closet 

According to Vastu, a bathroom with a leaky water setup is never advantageous for an associated bathroom and toilet. Therefore, whenever the tap is not in use, think about keeping it closed. However, facing the northeast axis of the restroom is where you want to place the setup. Don’t let the kitchen or pooja wall touch the bathroom wall.

6. Ideal Place for Washing Machine 

Everyone cannot afford to have a large bathroom and a bedroom large enough to house a washing machine. There are several restrictions for keeping the washing machine in the vaastu for the bedroom’s toilet and adjoining bathroom. The ideal location to do laundry is in the room’s southwest or northwest corner.

7. A Place for Bathroom Mirror

Energy is known to reflect off of mirrors. The bathroom serves as the home’s garbage disposal, therefore it makes no sense to keep the space positive. However, according to Vastu, if the bathroom’s interior is properly arranged, it can balance the position with the other rooms in your home. For instance, it is best to hang a mirror on the bathroom’s North or East wall to reflect the energy of the East.

8. Best Wall for Windows

Ventilation in the bathroom is helped by the windows, and it’s crucial to consider the Vastu of the bedroom’s associated bathroom and toilet. When the windows are properly adjusted, it maintains the environment dry, fresh, and clean. The finest wall directions for the window are north, east, and west. However, to maintain seclusion, try hanging light-coloured curtains.

9. Vastu Tips for Best Colour 

Bathroom doors are always closed when being used. Therefore, it is essential to maintain an airy environment so that your lengthy showers will seem more refreshing. Light colours are excellent for keeping the décor simple and upbeat. Dark colour tones in the bathroom should be avoided, according to Vastu Shastra. The colours pale blue, grey, pink, and white are the most appropriate.

10. Vastu Tips: Place for the Exhaust Fan

The exhaust fan is another component that is required to maintain the bathroom’s energy flow. The bathroom must have its exhaust vent facing south, according to the greatest Vastu advice for bathrooms with toilets that are also attached. The flush toilet should be positioned parallel to or against the same wall. Never put it on the toilet’s east wall since it could upset the Vastu.

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