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Republic Day 2023: 5 DIY eye makeup ideas to celebrate the day

Republic Day 2023: A stylish eye makeup look for Republic Day is a great way to celebrate. It is the ideal method to show patriotism in a fashionable approach. Eye makeup ideas for Republic Day are usually based on the Indian flag and emphasise wearing tricolour to create a striking effect. You can attempt some of these DIY republic day 2023 eye makeup looks.

Republic Day 2023 Eye Makeup Ideas

It’s fun to wear Republic Day eye makeup since it shows off the vibrant colours of the Indian flag. Here are some of the best eye makeup trends from he ‘Instagram’ for republic day, along with step-by-step instructions on how to recreate each look.

Tri Colour Gradient

A soft blur republic day eye makeup style with three different eyeshadow colours applied on the lids in a horizontal order.

Ways to achieve the appearance

Step 1: Apply eye primer on the lids.

Step 2: Put orange makeup on the inner corners, white eyeshadow in the middle, and green eyeshadow on the outside corners of the eyes.

Step 3: Wear fake lashes and use eyeliner to define the lash lines.

Halo Flag

Using the current halo eye makeup craze, this republic day eye makeup look is inspired by the Indian flag.

How to create the look

Step 1: Prepare the eyelids by priming them.

Step 2: Blend orange and green eyeshadow in the outside and inner corners, respectively. Both colours should extend above the lids’ crease.

Step 3: Conceal the lid’s centre with concealer, then cover it with white eyeshadow.

Step 4: Above the area of the crease where the white eyeshadow is applied, draw a curving line.

Step 5: Apply kajal to the lash lines and a highlighter to the brow bone.

Sparkling Flag

Along with the hues of the Indian flag, this republic day eye makeup look also includes gold glitter for a glamorous touch.

Ways to achieve the appearance

Step 1: Apply gold glitter makeup on the lids and blend orange eyeshadow into the outer corners.

Step 2: Apply white makeup to the inner corners to highlight them.

Step 3: Use mascara and green eyeliner to define your lashes.

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