Pro Tips: Look 10 years younger than your age like Vidya Balan

New Delhi: Wrinkles and dark circles are really a matter of concern for us women. But for some people, especially Bollywood diva Vidya Balan, aging seems to be negligible. This is because they avoid chemical treatments and go for natural homemade tips for anti-aging.

Vidya Balan is 43 but still looks 10 years less than her real age. How she maintains her skin from aging will definitely help you.

Here is a list of anti-aging Pro Tips right from Vidya Balan’s skincare routine. Let’s have a look.

Keep moisturizer handy

Vidya always keeps her moisturizer handy, which she keeps applying throughout the day.

Image Credits: Instagram

Use Natural Soaps

She once told DNA, “I use natural soaps, I like the Jasmine ones. That and moisturizing, that’s it.”

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Get regular clean-up done

Once a month, or once in two months, Vidya gets a clean-up done.

Sleep and Water

The actress thinks there’s nothing like sleep and water for good skin.

Aloe Vera Gel

She believes that any pimple can be handled with some aloe vera gel.

These are definitely some of the tried and tested secret tips that will definitely make you look sweet 16. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab some of these ingredients and don’t forget to drink a sufficient amount of water and have a great good night’s sleep.

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