Paan Thandai Recipe: Make this cooler in just 5 minutes

Paan Thandai Recipe: In the year 2023, the festival of Mahashivaratri will be celebrated on 18 February. Shiva devotees worship, worship, fast etc. to please Lord Bholenath. For this, cooling of all paan is also made and fruits are taken throughout the day.

Eating paan also has many benefits, so today we have brought you the recipe of this yummy cooler, which will not only please God but also give many benefits to your health, so let’s know this easy recipe.

Paan Thandai is full of energy, consuming it gives you many benefits. But even today there are some people who do not know its recipe. That’s why today we will tell you the recipe of Paan Thandai, which will give you many benefits.


Paan Thandai Recipe: Ingredients

Betel leaves 2, Cardamom 4, Pistachio ¼ cup, Milk 2 cup, Sugar 2 tsp


To make Paan Thandai, first you have to wash the betel leaves. After this, put these leaves in the mixer and also add pistachios, cardamom, sugar and half a cup of milk and prepare a smooth mixture by grinding it well.

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After this, add the remaining milk to it and blend it. By doing just this, your delicious paan thandai is ready. You can serve it by adding ice according to your taste.

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