Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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Not every relation is toxic, not every man is ‘Aftab’… Here are 6 signs your partner is a good man

Following the murder of Shraddha Walker, the issue of toxic relationships has received more attention than ever. Worse, every man is viewed with suspicion of being another Aftab in disguise. But, in reality, not every relationship is toxic, and not every man is Aftab. There are good people who cultivate strong relationships based on ethics, values, and genuine love. They handle disagreements and fights maturely, without making the other person feel insignificant, worthless, or extremely unhappy. These people are very considerate in their relationships. Consider some of the things that good men never do in relationships.

A good man will never make you feel like the backup plan

In a relationship, a good person will never make you feel second-class. He will prioritise and value you appropriately. He will meet your needs and desires without ever making you feel insignificant.

A good man will not let you go through to prove your worth

A good man understands how much you are worth. You won’t need to prove your worth to him because he will value and appreciate you just as you are. You should know when to walk away if you feel the need to prove yourself to him.

A good man will never comment on your appearance

He will never comment on your appearance. He will not lower your self-esteem because of your appearance. Instead, he will inspire you to be the accepting, confident, and unapologetic person you are.

A good man never avoids important discussions

He will never try to avoid difficult questions about your relationship. He’ll always be willing to have the necessary conversation because he understands how important it is to solve a problem between the two of you.

A good man will never fail you

A good person will never discourage you from pursuing your dreams. They may not agree with your decision, but they will certainly respect it. You will never be disappointed by him because he only has words of inspiration and encouragement for you.

A good man will not intrude on your privacy

He will never try to cross the line and invade your personal space. He will give you time and space. He will never check your phone or read your texts. It means he completely trusts you and that you have a place in his heart that no one else can take.

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