Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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Meme Therapy: Celebs ‘drunk post’ compilation to give you laughter dose

Guys, up for some fun and meme therapy? Well, we’ve all wondered what celebrities were having when they posted odd things on social media. We hope that drunk post has become popular like drunk texting has because if not, what were they thinking? These tweets are collected for amusement on the Twitter account @cringeindian. We naturally have enough memes to choose from thanks to our desi celebs, so we came back to this page.

So are you ready to dive into the roller-coaster of laughter? Here you go!

Kajol and her all-time PJs are a never-ending loop

Salman ‘Bhoi’ will be Salman ‘Bhoi’, wonder what he was drinking then! Gibberish as every other Salman moviees.

Bhoi kehna kya chahte ho????

“The tongue can do a lot more than words!!!” I mean what was Big B upto when he said this?

Nick Are You OK brother? 

Ram Gopal Verma is always creative, AHHH…I thought it’s only his films that goes beyond creativity!

Preach vegetarianism but practice non-vegetarianism? Dude, its Neha Dhupia, so “it’s her choice.”

Here again, Epic Bachchan Moments

Think Uday Chopra never came out of his Dhoom trance

Umm..well..ok now that’s some laureate enlightenment, Thanks!

Whatever, they may be thinking while posting these tweets or if drinking some weird concoction, dear celebs- we won’t mind an explanation.

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