Make-up industry introduces one more powerhouse of talent – Saman Tabrez Ansari

Saman Tabrez Ansari has risen high in the world of beauty and make-up, as her academy ‘Makeup by Saman Tabrez Ansari’ secures its place amongst the best known entities we have in the industry today. At 21, she has achieved a lot than her contemporaries who are still struggling to find their place in this highly competitive space, and her exceptional talent is the reason for her astounding success. She established her brand in Mumbai which is known for providing a host of world-class services like hairstyling, fashion make-up, bridal make-up, sider make-up, and much more.

What’s impressive about her work is her HD Make-up which has gained massive appreciation owing to its spectacular results which has clients making a beeline for her services. She recalls how as a young girl she was drawn towards make-up and cosmetics that were found around her house and would spend hours experimenting with them on herself. She knew from the very beginning that this was her true calling which pushed her forward to make a headway towards this career, which was indeed a decision well taken as her passion helped her grow exponentially where she stands right now, at the top.

Apart from being a young make-up artist, she’s also a successful content creator and influencer who has made her mark in the vast digital world. “Social media has a humongous reach, and those who utilize it to its full capacity are bound to succeed unbelievably. That’s the reason I’m focussing more on this area, reaching a wide audience base and letting them know how make-up and styling can change their entire personality for the better,” says Saman whose talent has helped her conquer dual fields, the other being that as an artist. She has launched a few tracks titled Hopeless, AloneMe, and Energetic which have been widely appreciated, securing her place as a true music artist too.

Visit her website or follow her Instagram @makeupbysamanansarii to know more.

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