Is your relationship also turning toxic like Shraddha’s? HERE are the signs

New Delhi: The case of Shraddha’s murder and the precursor of her relationship with Aftab is being talked about throughout the nation. The story is a big learning for all those girls who become so blind that they loose clarity in their thinking process. They can’t even determine the wrongs and rights of their partners.

These cases are not just a learning for the people involved but for everyone who came to know about this. It is very important to understand that your relationship has become toxic. An if it is really is the case you should distance yourself from your partner at the right time. Let us tell you those 5 signs by which you can understand that the relationship has started turning toxic and the time has come to bid farewell to it.

Frequent fights

Any relationship lasts only when there is a sense of love, respect and belonging towards each other. This is possible only if your partner starts talking on every topic. If there are frequent fights instead of love, then understand that the relationship has now become toxic. Yelling at each other, fighting over every issue is a sign of a toxic relationship.

Lack of support

If there is difference of opinion between you and your partner, not listening to each other and not supporting each other is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. If the partner is not supporting you even on your right steps, then understand that something is going on in his mind. In such a situation, it would be better to bid farewell instead of fighting.

Lying to your partner

If your partner is or is cheating on you, then understand that the relationship is turning toxic. If he turns evasive in answering about his whereabouts or maybe when you touch his phone. If he deletes his call records and messages then you must understand something is fishy in the relationship. It is better to walk away from the relationship than to fight or argue as no one can be loved by force.

Jealousy of partner

When we are in love, we feel happy seeing the success of our partner. But if you are feeling jealous seeing your partner’s success or his looks than understand that this relationship has turned bad. Jealousy with the partner is sign of a toxic relationship.

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Ignoring each other while at home

If you live together in the same house but one of the partners spend more time on TV or mobile. Ignoring each other has started, then understand that there is no love left in this relationship. It will give you mental trouble. That’s why it would be better to break away from this relationship and start afresh.

How to end the relationship

It has been seen many times that the boy or girl tries to separate from the relationship. But the person in front starts blackmailing. He also fights with her. So before separating from your partner, talk to him properly. But when he does not agree, you can always take help of friends, family or even the police. It is very important to be alert before becoming a victim of crime.

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