Health Trivia: Did you know these benefits, side-effects of Mustard Oil?

Health Trivia: Mustard oil (Sarson Ke Tel) has been consumed in every household for centuries, most of the people use this oil for cooking. But it is not limited to food. This oil is beneficial for every small and big problem related to the body.

We can also call mustard oil a simple home remedy. Those who are Ayurvedic doctors often ask children and the elderly to consume mustard oil. Today let’s look at certain advantages and disadvantages of mustard oil. Let’s check it out.

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Benefits of Mustard Oil

This oil has a pungent aroma which differentiates it from the rest of the oils. Mustard oil is mostly used in Eastern India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan. Some medicinal substances are found in mustard oil, which prove to be very beneficial for fungal infections.

It is beneficial for toothache, if there is a pain in the teeth, then mix mustard oil with salt and rub it on your teeth for some time, if there is any pain in the ear, then putting mustard oil in the ear. The pain will be relieved.

Similarly, if there is pain in the joints and muscles, then by heating mustard oil and massaging it, you can get rid of the pain and it also strengthens the muscles of the body. Mustard oil also reduces the level of bad cholesterol. Its consumption also gets rid of cold, helps in increasing hair and immunity.

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Often both advantages and disadvantages (Sarso Tel ke Fayde Aur Nuksan) are seen in all things. If ever the consumption of cheese is excessive, then it becomes injurious to health. At the same time, an acid called erucic is present in mustard oil, which can harm the heart. Erucic acid can cause lipidosis in the heart muscle and this can damage heart tissue, some people may be allergic to the use of mustard oil on the skin.

Do not use if skin is damaged after allergies. Never take mustard oil on an empty stomach, it can cause stomach problems. On the other hand, if you have diarrhea, never take raw mustard oil with food. Do not use mustard oil if you have an infection in your nose or skin.

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