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Embarrassed of dry lips? Here’s 5 tips to keep them soft in Winters

New Delhi: Dry lips can be a major turn off making you embarrassed in front of your friends, especially if it’s your first date. Winters is the season of dryness, along with the rest of your body parts, lips too, need special care. The frosty weather and cold winds tend to make them dry, even the skin may peel out.

To solve your problem of dry lips, and save you from getting embarrassed, here are 5 expert tips to keep your pinky lips soft and smooth during Winter.

Do not lick your Lips too often

This is the first and foremost thing one should keep in mind Do not lick your lips too often. Yes, we know winters make your lips dry up fast which is irritating at times. But licking your lips too much leads to submission of saliva on the surface which further adds to the damage.

Apply a good quality Lip Balm

Your lips need deep nourishment and moisturization to fight that dryness, especially during night. Use a good quality lip balm (paraben and alcohol-free) at night. This is the easiest hack one can keep handy.

Use sunscreen as a layer

It is recommended that you use sunscreen with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) along with lip balm while stepping out of the house in the daytime. It will protect your lips from getting dry and pigmented.

Keep them hydrated

Obviously one should keep their lips hydrated along with the rest of the body. Drink plenty of water, to keep your cells hydrated, although we don’t get much thirsty during winter.

Exfoliate to avoid dry lips

Exfoliating your lips is necessary to move away the dry skin cells. Using honey and sugar (prefer brown sugar) scrub is recommended for dry and chapped lips. Mix honey and sugar in 1:2 ratio and Scrub it gently over your lips for 5 to 10 minutes, and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

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