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Check out this simple, easy recipe of Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe: of Gajar Ka Halwa, mouth starts watering and feels like eating it. Some people believe that it takes time to make carrot halwa, so they buy it from outside markets and eat it. Although carrot pudding is made in many ways, but today we will tell you about such an easy method by which you can make carrot pudding easily at home and you will not waste much time in making it and you will enjoy carrot pudding. Will be able to taste it too. Then what is the delay, start making today itself.

Ingredients for Gajar Ka Halwa

5 kg carrots
a kilo of milk
lost a kilo
3 tbsp ghee
250 grams dry fruits
sugar to taste


To make Gajar Ka Halwa, first of all you have to wash 5 kg of carrots properly.
Next, grate the carrots and then place a large pan on the gas.
After the pan becomes hot, add ghee to it and add the grated carrots.
After 10 to 15 minutes add 1 kg of milk and cook till it dries up.
When the carrots are cooked well, then add sugar and cook again.
After the carrots are cooked, turn off the gas and take out the pudding from the pan.
After this, add khoya and dry-fruits, whatever you like, and serve.

To make Gajar Ka Halwa, keep in mind that keep the carrot completely red. Make carrot halwa at home in the cold season and it will not take any time to make it, so make it at home today and enjoy the taste of carrot halwa and also feed it to the whole family. Not only this, if guests are coming to your house, then you can also feed them by making carrot pudding with this method in minutes.

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