Check out easy, healthy Dark Chocolate Coffee Recipe, step wise process

New Delhi: As soon as the winter season comes, everyone wants to eat or drink something hot. For which he makes and tries new things every day and also feeds or drinks his family members.

But the biggest tension is also that what to make which will be liked by your family members and can also be prepared immediately. Keeping this in mind, today we have brought you the recipe of dark chocolate coffee. So let’s see how to make it-


2 cups – milk
2 pieces – dark chocolate
1 tsp – Coffee powder
1/2 tsp – cardamom powder
4 tsp – powdered sugar
4-5- Ice cubes

How to make dark chocolate coffee-

First of all, put milk in a utensil and keep it on medium flame to heat it lightly.
Then after heating the milk, turn off the gas and put milk in a vessel and add coffee powder to it and mix it well.

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After that mix the milk with the help of a spoon for at least five minutes.

Then put the milk in the mixer jar and crush the dark chocolate in it.

Then add ground cardamom powder and sugar powder as well.

After that grind it once by putting the lid of the mixer jar.

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When it is grinded, open the lid and put three to four ice cubes in it and run the mixer once more.

Then pour dark chocolate coffee in a serving glass and serve by adding 2-3 ice cubes and crushed chocolate on top.

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