Chathh Puja Prasad with Devine taste captures everyone’s heart

Chathh Puja Prasad: Indian festivals are enlivened by a variety of delightful desserts and traditional cuisines. One among them is Chhath Puja. Several delicacies are served as prasad throughout the four-day celebration, and only vegetarian food without onions or garlic is cooked.

Here are a few foods that are traditionally served during this festival, which this year began on October 28 and will end on October 31. It is also very interesting to know that items which consist chemicals is not used in the preparation of Prasad.


During Chhath Puja, thekua is the most popular prasad. Ghee, wheat flour, dry fruits, and Gud(jiggery) are the ingredients. A dough is created from the ingredients, which is then moulded into small tikkis and deep-fried. During the puja, Lord Sun is offered it.

Rice pudding

Rasiyaw is the traditional name for rice pudding. When making it, individuals use jaggery (gud) for sugar. It is made by combining rice, water, and milk in a pan and heating it until the required consistency is reached.

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During Chhath Puja, Kasar is a must-have dessert to devour. This particular laddoo is prepared with rice or wheat flour, jaggery, and ghee along with fennel seeds and Mawa.

Dal Poori

No dish during Chhath Puja is complete without Dal puri. It is made with wheat flour, stuffed with gram pulse and is fried in ghee. Many people like to have pooris with aloo, baigan ki sabzi or ghiya ki sabzi.

Kaddu bhaat

One will surely have water in their mouth after seeing this tempting dish. This amazing sabzi is most popular in Chhath. It is made with Kaddu (Lauki(Bottle Gourd) with Himalayan salt or sendha namak and cooked in ghee with rai and green/red tadka. It can be eaten with fried poori or rice.

Dal kachdi(pakoda)

Dal kachdi(pakoda) is made with chana dal, soaked in water for 6-8 hours. Then semi grind it and add salt, azwain, green chili, coriander in the mixture. Swallow fry or deep fry deepened on taste of the eater. Serve it with dal, chawal, kaddu ki sabzi. One must be at cloud nine after having these divine food. Celebrations for Chhath Puja 2022 have already started.

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