Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Bumble: 5 trends that define dating for the year 2023 according to the app

New Delhi: The women-focused dating app Bumble just revealed its top six dating trends for the year 2023. With new behaviours like hardballing, the growth of alcohol-free “dry dating,” and an obsession with making hobbies part of our relationships, we emerged from the epidemic in 2022, which was centred on rediscovery.

According to the well-known dating app Bumble, we should be hopeful about dating in 2023. It is said that 70% of respondents feel good about the potential for romance. This tendency is even more pronounced in India, where 81% of respondents feel good about dating as we approach 2023.

Bumble Dating Trends for 2023

Open Casting

It’s time to stop looking for people that fit the narrow definition of our physical “type,” which includes being tall, dark, and attractive. Type-casting is the reverse of open casting. It describes how 1 in 3 (38%) individuals are now more open to who they contemplate dating outside of their “type.” 1 in 4 (28%) of us are placing less importance on dating someone than others “expect” us to.  The vast majority of individuals (63%) today place greater importance on emotional development than on physical requirements.


The majority of people are feeling overloaded due to the return of workplace culture and hectic social commitments. Since then, more than half (52%) of us have increased our boundaries. This has driven us all to prioritise our boundaries. This includes being more explicit about our emotional needs and boundaries (63%), being more deliberate and attentive about how we present ourselves (59%), and avoiding taking on too much social commitment (53%).


Given that 1 in 3 (33%) users of the app claim they are now more willing to travel and form relationships with people who live outside of their present city, it appears that we are in search of an eat, date, love moment. One in eight people (14%) have looked into the concept of being a “digital nomad” since the pandemic, which has changed the way we think about who and where we date. In actuality, 12% of Indians think that dating abroad is simpler.

Dating Renaissance

One in three (39%) users of the app have ended a marriage or serious relationship in the last two years, which is similar to a well-known Queen B. Many of us are experiencing a renaissance. In fact, this is more common in India, where individuals are now entering their second chapter and 42% of Indians are using dating apps for the first time as they learn the ins and outs of a new dating language.

Love-life Balance

Our perspective and appreciation of our job and that of our partner have changed. Our tough jobs and long workdays are no longer viewed as status symbols, with 50% of people placing more importance on work-life balance. More than half of respondents (54%) care more about their partner’s work-life balance than their professional standing. Over the past year, 52% of individuals have consciously made extra time for breaks and downtime, and 13% of people will no longer date someone with a demanding work.

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