Ajwain Paratha: Get relief from gas, constipation; Learn this recipe

Ajwain Paratha: If you are troubled by the problem of gas or constipation, then you must definitely change your diet. You can start it with your morning breakfast. You can keep yourself healthy by having a healthy breakfast. For this, you can also choose ajwain paratha. Stomach-related problems can also be avoided by its use.

The presence of Ajwain (Carom Seeds Flatbread) in any paratha has kept you away from the problem of gas or constipation. Along with weight loss, celery also controls blood pressure. Let’s know the recipe for Ajwain Paratha.


Ajwain Paratha: Ingredients

  • 2 cups – wheat flour
  • 2 spoons – Ajwain
  • Desi ghee or oil as required
  • salt to taste


To make ajwain paratha, take out wheat flour in a bowl. Now add a pinch of salt and celery to it. Add a little desi ghee and mix the flour first. After this knead a soft dough with the help of lukewarm water. Then cover the kneaded dough and keep it aside for about 10 minutes.

After this knead the dough once more and make small balls. Now put a nonstick pan or tawa on the gas and heat it on medium flame. After this, roll the dough like a paratha. Now roast on the pan till it turns golden brown in color from both the sides. To roast, apply ghee all around the paratha. After roasting from both the sides, it will be ready.

In this way prepare paratha from all the balls. You can serve it with curd. It is considered very good to be consumed as breakfast. The properties of celery present in it are also not harmful for health.

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