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Add these 10 colours to your Main Door as per Vastu

Vastu: Have you ever heard the saying first impressions make a last impression? If so, do you know what it means and how important it is to make a good first impression in all aspects of your life? And that goes for the front door of your home, too. Make sure your home’s entryway reflects your personality and sense of architectural aesthetics.

Here are 10 main door colours as per vastu that you can choose for your home. It will make the house more beautiful and prosperous.

1. Off-white Colour

Among Vastu door colours, off-white looks great in any home. The beauty of this colour will make your day happy. The entrance will look attractive with some wooden vases and beautiful lamps.

2. Wooden Door

A dark wood gate in the entryway can add the perfect touch to your home, which Vastu says is a great colour for the main door. The bright colours and glass ceilings of the building easily attract everyone.

3. Patterned Wood-Coloured

A single wooden door as a main gate can add a special look to your beloved home. This idea can add a special touch to your home design and decoration. A beautiful plant fits perfectly into this wooden front door, adding a lively feel to your home.

4. Wooden door with glass panel

The large wooden front gate of your home highlights the vividness of everyday life. It looks so beautiful with wooden and big white windows. According to Vastu, the main gate is considered promising and is a very good choice for your home.

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5. Glass panel in the wooden door

The Vastu wood entry door with a glass centre is attractive to many home buyers. In combination with the bright yellow walls of the house, it looks very beautiful and elegant. The stark white windows and staircase in the entryway look great in any home, big or small. 

6. Blue colour wooden door with grill

Blue can reflect calmness and elegance, so this colour makes a great choice from Vastu’s list of home front door colours. This blue front gate best complements the white walls of the house. You can easily decorate your front door with green plants.

7. Faded green colour

 A faded green main gate with two glass compartments and two large glass windows gives your home a very attractive look. The red brick walls of the house surrounded by some green trees can easily add a special look to the whole building.

8. Pure white glass panel main door

Vastu’s pure white front door colour is very suitable for all office spaces. With this stark white colour of the gate and walls, your office space can exude the perfect atmosphere of purity and tranquillity. You can decorate this area with some attractive paintings.

9. Dark wood-finish door

A large wooden gate at the front door of the house is a good idea for door colour, according to Vastu. Pale-coloured walls match well with this wooden front gate. You can easily decorate your front door with beautiful flowers. 

10. Light wood polish door

 A bright wooden front gate is very attractive for your favourite home. The transparent glass on the top half of the door allows you to reflect the beautiful scenery of your interior. You can decorate the entrance with two lamps and a beautiful vase. 

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