Abusive relationship: Are you in toxic relationship? Here are five signs that help you to get out of it!

Abuse is defined as the use of violence, disrespect, cruelty, hurt, or force against another person. An abusive relationship occurs when someone mistreat their spouse in any of these ways. Abuse in a relationship can take the form of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. It might also be any of these.

Here are five signs that reflect you are abusive relationship:

  • Blame- If you are constantly on the defensive in your relationship and are held accountable for every blunder, you should recognise that you are experiencing emotional suffering. Share your thoughts with your partner in this situation, and keep your options for the future open with him.
  • Discord all the time- Fights are typical between couples, but if you keep arguing all the time and your relationship is getting worse than it was yesterday, you should reconsider your partnership because no partner can annoy their partner for an extended period of time. can be seen
  • Ignoring feelings- Any individual enters a relationship because he needs someone who understands and sympathises with him, but if your partner is not with you when you need him, you must end the connection.
  • Whining all the time- While some complaining is fine, if your partner constantly criticises you, it might be considered disrespectful. This can cause you emotional distress. It is not typical in this position to receive complaints about your attire, make-up, attractiveness, weight, or demeanour. Talk to your partner and express your feelings in this situation.
  • Feeling inferior all the time- When you consider doing anything new in your life and discuss it with your partner, expect the partner to motivate you and give you the strength to take the next step. However, if your spouse continues to discourage you or ignores you, you should be wary. Only when both parties are supportive and proud of one other’s accomplishments is the relationship deemed normal.

If the above signs happen with you and match with your life then you should rethink about your relationship as everyone deserves to happy, free and independent in their life.


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