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5 OG reasons of Hairfall that TV commercials won’t tell you, check out

New Delhi: It’s very unfair that we do a lot to protect and pamper our hair still we encounter hairfall. We trust TV commercials and look forward to their products so that we can save our precious tresses. But unfortunately, hair care commercials won’t tell you the real causes or reasons of hairfall.

So we bring you 5 OG reasons for hairfall, that you must pay attention to. Check them out!

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Stress is one of the first and foremost reason for your hair fall. Significant stress pushes large numbers of hair follicles into a resting phase. Within a few months the affected hair might fall out suddenly. So guys just sit aback and take a chill-pill!


Junk diets and skipping meals can lead to hair loss due to the absence of amino efficient proteins that are necessary for healthy hair. Hence look up to your diets well.

Less Sleep

A good night sleep is very important for our body. Lack of sleep can lead to loads of imbalances in the body and one way that can manifest itself is hair loss. Sleep has a direct impact on the human body’s natural hormones. It means poor sleep reduces the amount of melatonin, potentially causes hair loss.

External Exposure

Too much sun, too much dust, exposure to swimming pool water or seawater — all of these things contribute to hair loss and poor hair health. Make sure you cover your head in extreme conditions.

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Usage of chemicals

The shampoos and styling products we use onto our hair needs to be taken care of. Harsh chemicals and toxic products definitely can ruin the roots of your hair causing them to fall off. You need to throw out products that have parabens and phthalates and look to get naturally developed, trustworthy products.

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