Video of man beating wife in Bengaluru goes viral; DCW intervenes

New Delhi: A disturbing video is doing rounds on the internet where a man beats up his wife mercilessly during birthday celebration of their child in Karnataka’s Bengaluru.

In the video, the man was seen strongly hitting his wife multiple times. Meanwhile, the wife does not make any move against her husband and silently takes the hits.

Seeing father being violent, the child also adopts his inappropriate behaviour and starts to slap and hit mother.

DCW intervenes

Taking cognisance of the video, Swati Maliwal, chairperson of Delhi Commission for Woman wrote to Karnataka Chief Minister BS Bommai seeking strict action against the accused.

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“This animal should be put behind bars,” wrote Maliwal in her tweet while demanding for his arrest.

In a letter to the CM Bommai, the DCW Chairperson also asked for protection and help for the victim. She said the domestic abuse survivor should get proper counselling to the survivor and her child to deal with the trauma.

Husband refused to give divorce, couple remarried

The DCW chairperson said the woman posted another video where she had told her plight. As per the latest video, the woman was separated from her husband for past few years and she had also filed a case of domestic abuse.

However, no action has been taken and her husband was never arrested. He had even denied to give her divorce instead he filed several defamation case against the woman and her family.

The couple remarried again and now they have a child.

Concern over child’s exposure to violence

The DCW also raised concern for the child saying that such an environment could form a perspective in child’s mind which will lead him to perceive these incidents as normal phenomena.

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