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VIDEO: CM Nitish Kumar Asks Engineer, ‘Should I Touch Your Feet?’, Approaches With Folded Hands

A viral video shows Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar asking an engineer, 'Should I touch your feet?' during the JP Ganga Path bridge inauguration in Patna. Frustrated by project delays, Kumar urged faster construction. This incident highlights his hands-on approach to infrastructure development and has sparked online discussions on leadership and accountability.

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: Jul 10, 2024 14:49 IST
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Bihar CM Nitish Kumar urges engineers to expedite JP Ganga Path project, sparking online discussions on leadership and accountability.
Bihar CM Nitish Kumar urges engineers to expedite JP Ganga Path project, sparking online discussions on leadership and accountability.

A video featuring Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has quickly gained attention on social media. In the footage, Nitish Kumar can be seen asking an engineer, ‘Tell me, should I touch your feet?’ As he steps forward, the engineer steps back and politely declines.

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Nitish Kumar was attending the inauguration of a 3.4-kilometer bridge from Gay Ghat to Kangna Ghat on JP Ganga Path in Patna, Bihar’s capital. This event marked the third phase of the JP Ganga Path inauguration program, which includes a 21.5-kilometer stretch over the Ganga from Deedarganj to Deerdarganj, also known as JP Ganga Path.

Reports indicate that Nitish Kumar expressed frustration over project delays and urged engineers to accelerate their efforts. He stated, ‘Tell me, we can touch your feet, but let’s expedite the construction.’

Upon hearing Nitish Kumar’s remark, the project manager of JP Ganga Path was surprised and promptly retreated, requesting, ‘Please refrain from that.’ This incident is not isolated. Previously, during a program of the Revenue and Land Reforms Department, Nitish Kumar had implored an IAS officer to expedite work with folded hands.

Nitish Kumar’s direct approach in addressing project delays highlights his commitment to timely infrastructure development. The JP Ganga Path project, crucial for improving connectivity and transportation in Patna, has faced several delays, prompting the Chief Minister to take a more hands-on approach in ensuring its completion. His actions, though unorthodox, underscore the urgency of the situation and his determination to see the project through.

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The video has sparked discussions online about leadership and accountability, with many praising Nitish Kumar’s proactive stance while others debate the appropriateness of his methods.

First published on: Jul 10, 2024 02:49 PM IST

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