Teacher Forces Brahmin Student To Eat Egg: Probe Launched At Karnataka Public School

A government school teacher allegedly forces a Brahmin student to consume an egg without her will.

Edited By : Malika Sahni | Updated: Nov 24, 2023 14:26 IST
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A Brahmin student’s family has filed a complaint against a government school teacher for allegedly forcing their daughter to consume an egg, triggering an investigation by education department officials.

The incident took place at Karnataka Public School in Kammachi village near Gartikere, Shivamogga, where the seven-year-old girl is enrolled in the second grade. Her father, V Srikanth, also a teacher at the same school, raised the complaint.

According to Srikanth, his daughter, who follows a vegetarian diet due to religious reasons, was compelled by her teacher, Puttaswamy, to eat an egg as part of a nutritional supplement, despite her objections. The teacher reportedly advocated for eggs as a beneficial dietary addition, emphasizing their importance for good health.

Expressing concern over the incident, Srikanth approached Shivamogga DDPI CR Parameshwarappa, prompting an investigation into the matter. In a letter to the DDPI, Srikanth highlighted his daughter’s dietary restrictions and requested chikkis (sweets) as an alternative to eggs, but the teacher allegedly disregarded this request.

The family asserted that the enforced consumption of an egg has adversely affected their daughter’s health and emotional well-being, causing distress due to conflicting religious beliefs. Srikanth clarified that while the teacher expressed regret over the incident, it has deeply impacted their family’s religious sentiments.

The school authorities have been urged to accommodate the dietary preferences of the vegetarian students, especially after this incident involving the seven-year-old girl, among a total of 26 students in her class. Despite the expressed regret, the family stressed the need for sensitivity toward religious sentiments and adherence to dietary choices.

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First published on: Nov 24, 2023 12:42 PM IST

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