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Surya Tilak: How Will Sun Touch Ram Lalla’s Forehead; Know The Science Behind It

Organizers are preparing for a grand ceremony that promises a memorable experience for all attendees. The ritual, referred to as Surya Abhishek or Surya Tilak, will involve the direct touch of the Sun's rays on the deity's forehead, fostering a divine atmosphere within the temple premises.

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As the nation celebrates Ram Navami today, Ayodhya decks up to celebrate Ram Lalla’s first festival at the newly constructed temple. A special ceremony will honor the birth of Lord Ram, adding significance to this year’s Ram Navami due to the recent completion of the temple.

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The ceremony is set to be a grand affair, with organizers ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees. During the ritual, known as Surya Abhishek or Surya Tilak, the Sun’s rays will directly touch the forehead of the deity, creating a divine atmosphere within the temple premises.

Surya Abhishek, which combines the words Surya (sun) and abhishek (a purifying ritual), involves directing the sun’s rays to illuminate the deity’s forehead, symbolizing deep reverence and devotion.

Mechanisms for performing Surya Abhishek have been a longstanding tradition in ancient temples across the Indian subcontinent, underscoring its historical importance.

IIT Roorkee Makes Prediction On Ram Navami

The researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IIT-R), undertook the task of designing the Surya Tilak mechanism for the Ram Mandir, demonstrating the fusion of tradition and modernity in temple rituals.

At precisely 12 noon on April 17, sunlight will illuminate Ram Lalla’s forehead, the deity in the temple’s sanctum sanctorum, for about two to two-and-a-half minutes.

The IIT team has successfully conducted two trials in preparation for today’s Surya Abhishek ceremony on Ram Navami. The team has designed and built a specialized apparatus with high-quality mirrors and lenses to precisely direct the Sun’s rays onto  Lalla’s forehead at the scheduled time.
Reports indicate that the apparatus, comprising a gearbox fitted with reflective mirrors and lenses, aims to reflect sunrays from the third floor near the shikara into the “garbhagriha (sanctum sanctorum)” at the designated time.

Engineers meticulously engineered the tilak apparatus components using durable brass and bronze materials resistant to corrosion to align with the lunar calendar, ensuring the accurate positioning of the sun on Navami day each year.

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First published on: Apr 17, 2024 10:55 AM IST

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