Raju Theth vs Anandpal: Know complete history of gangwars

New Delhi: Raju Theth’s terror was roaring in Rajasthan even before gangster Anandpal Singh became a criminal. Even though Anandpal is no more, his name is still used for extortion and other crimes in Rajasthan.

To understand Raju Theth’s entry into the world of terror and the murder, we need to go back nearly 25 years to the year 1995. It was the time when the BJP’s Bhairon Singh government fell and President’s Rule was implemented in Rajasthan.

Raju Theth shakes hands with Gopal Phogat

SK College of Sikar district used to be the center of politics of Shekhawati. This college used to be dominated by Gopal Phogat, an activist of BJP’s student organization ABVP. Phogat was associated with the liquor business.

Raju Theth joined hands with Phogat and also entered into liquor business. Then he met Balbir Banuda. In the year 1998, Banuda and Theth together carried out the Bhebharam murder case in Sikar. This was the beginning of gang war in Shekhawati. From 1998 to 2004, both the criminals established their terror in the Shekhawati region.

Theth and Balbir got the liquor shop contract

In the year 2004, under the Vasundhara Raje government, a lottery was conducted for liquor contracts in Rajasthan. Raju Theth and Balbir Banuda were able to get the contract in Jeen Mata area.

Both had given the responsibility of running the liquor shop to Vijaypal who is the brother-in-law of Balbir Banuda. He was asked to report daily accounts to Theth and Banuda. However, Raju Theth suspected him of selling liquor in black and of manipulating accounts. This led to an argument between Thetha and Vijayapal which escalated and and led to the killing of Vijayapal with the help of his associates.

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Vijaypal’s murder, Anandpal’s revenge

The murder of Vijaypal made Raju Theth and Balbir Banuda enemies. Balbir then decided to avenge the the murder of his brother-in-law Vijaypal. To take his revenge, Balbir Banuda joined hands with Anandpal Singh who is a resident of Savrad village in Nagaur district. Anandpal felt betrayed and decided to take revenge. Both of them vowed to take revenge from the leaders.

In June 2006, a plan was made to kill Gopal Phogat who was a supporter of Thet. Following the plan he was executed. For years both the gangs played hide and seek with the police and carried out the crimes.

Theth was attacked in Sikar jail, he survived

Banuda’s close friend Subhash Baral launched an attack on Theth when he was lodged in Sikar jail. The incident occurred on January 26, 2013. However, Theth survived the attack. After the attack, Raju Theth handed over the command of the gang to his brother Omprakash alias Oma Theth.

Meanwhile, Anandpal and Balbir Banuda were lodged in the Bikaner Jail. Incidentally, at that time Oma Theth’s brother-in-law Jayprakash and Ramprakash were also lodged in the same jail. They attacked Balbir Banuda and Anandpal on 24 July 2014. In this attack Anandpal survived, Balbir Banuda was killed. However, both gangs were now determined to kill each other. However, Anandpal was killed in an encounter in 2017.

After the encounter, the Shekhawati gang war cooled down for some time, but by then Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang had gradually spread its foot in the state and today the work of the typical was also finished.

Raju Theth murdered today

Theth was given parole in 2022 and he was shot dead on 3rd December i.e. today. A criminal named Rohit Godara claimed responsibility for the murder. Talking about avenging the murder of Anandpal and Balbir Banuda, Rohit Godara wrote, ‘I take responsibility for the murder, revenge is complete.’ He wrote on Facebook, “After the encounter of Anandpal, gang member Lawrence Bishnoi gang got involved. Both the gangs were involved in the incident.”

There are 17 cases of heinous crimes including attempt to murder, dacoity, extortion and other heinous crimes registered against Godara. Over a dozen rounds were fired on Raju. Along with him, another person was also killed in this attack.

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