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‘Nitish Kumar’s alcohol ban is complete failure’: Patna HC

New Delhi: Patna High Court has made a scathing remark on the issue of liquor-ban in the state. As per the observation the Bihar government has failed in implementing the prohibition in the state. Many lives have been put in danger due to the failure of prohibition.

Alcohol prohibition began in 2016

Bihar had implemented complete prohibition of alcohol in April 2016. There is no official figure regarding the number of deaths due to poisoning through alcohol. This year alone, more than 50 people have died due to alcohol tragedies in different parts of the state.

It is also being said that the alcohol addicts are now turning towards alternative ways. The addicts between the age of 10 years and below 25 years of age are now turning towards the consumption of charas and ganja (cannabis). The state government is unable to restrict the drug trafficking in Bihar.

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Justice Purnendu Singh of Patna High Court made these observations while he was hearing the bail plea of Neeraj Singh. He is a resident of Muzzafarpur in Bihar. He was serving time in jail since November last year in a case related to prohibition.

Reasons behind the failure of the law

The High Court said that the factors behind the failure of the prohibition law included smuggling of liquor from out of the state. It is apparent that the alcohol is also being smuggled from the neighboring country, Nepal. The shortfall of the investigating officers of was also highlighted.

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CM Nitish Kumar had announced the implementation of liquor ban in Bihar in April 2016. The law inducted a complete ban on the production, sale and consumption of liquor. Heavy fines and punishment were levied on the violators.

After some time amendments were made in the law. The amount of fine was also reduced. Since the law came into effect, if someone is caught drinking, he can be released on paying the amount of fine. Before the amendment was made,

However, later the law was also amended and the fine amount was reduced. After the new law, if caught while drinking, the accused can be released after paying a fine, whereas earlier, if caught drinking alcohol, he was sent to jail.

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