Nature blesses all of us: Chathh puja ends with Usha Argaya

Chathh puja: A large number of devotees offer ‘Suryoday Arag’ to Surya Dev across the globe mainly in India on the last day of the 4-day Chhath puja festival. The four-day festival of Chathh began on Monday and is considered as the festival of purity, goodwill, and faith.

Devotees offer Goddess Chathh and God Surya (Sun) offerings and pray for blessings with their desires whether it is a wish for a son, husband wealth, healthiness and many other things. It is believed that a person’s desires and prayer from the heart’s core would bring blessings.

During the time of fasting, those foods which are assumed to be pure only are consumed and cleanliness is one thing that is cared for the most during the period.

The celebration in which the non-veg. dishes are avoided especially containing the cuisines of grains and species such as millet, lentil, buckwheat, and garlic.

The holy dip into water resources, fasting and abstinent neither drinking a drop of water maintaining purity and cleanliness are the rigorous rituals followed at the time of Chathh.

Chathh is marked with the worship of the goodness of family members, their happiness, and prosperity. Chhati Mata is worshipped during the festival, along with the Sun God.

The trend of celebrating the festival of Chathh is believed to have started in the Hilly regions of Nepal after the political change of 1990 when democracy got restored in the Himalayan Nation.

They offered “Arghya” and a special homage to the Setting sun in evening and will offer “Arghya” to the rising sun the next day concluding the festival and wishing for prosperity happiness, well-being, and long life of the family members.

This festival witnessed a high participation rate of women is marked with fanfare and also is regarded as the occasion to take a break from the household chores and be refreshed.

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