Mumbai Police recovers 1218 kg of drugs worth Rs 2500 cr

New Delhi: Drug dealers want to gain momentum in the sluggish drug business since the last two years. Many businesses have closed following the outbreak of Covid-19. There are people pumping drugs in the market in large quantities with the greed of reaping quick profits.

1218 kg of drugs recovered

Mumbai Police has caught 1218 kg of drugs in the last one month, which is worth about 2500 crores in the international market. Surprisingly, it has come to the fore that there are educated youth among these drug dealers. They want to make the younger generation a slave of drugs.

7 people have been arrested so far

These days drug dealers are making drugs in large quantities in order to earn large amounts of money. They are also supplying them in the market. Within the last one month, the Anti Narcotics Cell of Mumbai Police has caught nearly 1300 kg of drugs, which are worth Rs 2500 crores. So far, 7 people have been arrested by the police in this case, including a woman.

Arrested people are educated experts

Surprising information has also come surfaced during the investigation. The arrested people are not ordinary drug peddlers but educated experts. They have established factories for the manufacturing of drugs to make the youth of the country addicted.

Gujarat connection

Gujarat connection has also come to the fore in the police investigation. The drugs were being manufactured and delivered to the market. Their network was spread from Palghar to Gujarat.

Drugs are peddled using social media

Social media apps were used to peddle drugs. Drug peddlers used to contact the gangs through social media apps and through these peddlers they used to supply drugs in Mumbai and its surrounding areas.

Police is investigating the drug syndicate

If the Mumbai Police is to be believed, then in the coming days the connections of this syndicate will result in more arrests. The police is investigating to trace more drug factories.

Mumbai Police is now trying to find out whether this drug smuggling has any connection with the underworld or Bollywood. Anti Narcotics Cell has also started investigation in this direction.


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