Madhya Pradesh Elections 2023: ‘Corruption Or Development’, What Influenced Voting Pattern?

Madhya Pradesh has 5,60,50,925 electorates, comprising 2,88,25,607 males, 2,72,33,945 females, and 1,373 individuals of the third gender.

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Madhya Pradesh Elections 2023

As the D-day – December 3 on which the fate of the BJP, Congress and other parties will be decided that who will take the reign of Madhya Pradesh for the next five years, Today’s Chanakya informed the major factors which influenced the voting pattern in the state.

According to analysis of Today’s Chanakya, firstly, a significant portion, comprising 34% of the electorate, considers the political party and the individual candidate as pivotal determinants in their voting choices. The credibility, ideology, and representation of the candidate and their affiliated party play crucial roles in influencing this segment of voters.

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Secondly, around 23% of the voting population is influenced by the development agendas and promises presented by contesting parties. Voters keenly focus on proposed developmental initiatives, seeking candidates with comprehensive plans for the state’s growth and progress.

Thirdly, the issue of corruption stands out as a critical factor for approximately 25% of voters. The stance and strategies of political parties in addressing corruption significantly sway the decisions of this segment of the electorate.

Moreover, about 9% of voters prioritize localized concerns and issues directly impacting their communities or regions. These local factors hold considerable weight in the voting decisions of this subset of voters.

Finally, an additional 4% of voters base their choices on factors not explicitly categorized, indicating a diverse range of considerations that contribute to shaping their voting preferences. These varied elements collectively form the landscape of influences steering the voting patterns in the state.

“However, in the ongoing election, the voting trends across major castes reveal intriguing patterns for the BJP and Congress in Madhya Pradesh, Brahmin Vote Share: The BJP secures a significant 54% of the Brahmin votes, while the Congress captures 28% of this key demographic. Rajput Representation: The BJP maintains a lead with 47% of the Rajput votes, compared to the Congress’s 38% among this community,” as per Today’s Chanakya.

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“SC (Scheduled Caste) Preferences: While the BJP captures 45% of the Scheduled Caste votes, the Congress closely trails at 41% in this segment. ST (Scheduled Tribe) Electoral Support: The BJP edges ahead with 46% of the Scheduled Tribe votes, while the Congress follows closely with 39%. Muslim Vote Dynamics: There’s a stark contrast in the Muslim vote share, with the BJP acquiring only 8% while the Congress overwhelmingly dominates with 84%,” it stated.

“OBC (Other Backward Classes) Influence: The BJP captures a notable 47% of the OBC votes, with the Congress securing 31% of this significant demographic,” Today’s Chanakya claimed.

In Madhya Pradesh’s 2023 elections, 2,533 candidates vied for 230 assembly seats, with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Indian National Congress (INC) as the crown worthy contenders.

Madhya Pradesh has 5,60,50,925 electorates, comprising 2,88,25,607 males, 2,72,33,945 females, and 1,373 individuals of the third gender. The voter turnout stood at 77.15%, as per reports.

The Election Commission of India (ECI) allowed citizens aged above 80 and the physically challenged to vote from their residences via ballot papers for the 2023 Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections.

The Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh were conducted on November 17, 2023, to elect all 230 members of the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly. The counting of votes is scheduled to take place on December 3, 2023, following which the election results will be officially declared.


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