India slips in UNDP’s global Human Development Index to 132

New Delhi: India’s rank in the global Human Development Index (HDI) fell to 132 out of 191 countries and territories, with most countries experiencing a fall in their HDI value. India placed 131st last year.

However, according to a research by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), India’s policies on the three Is—innovation, social protection insurance, and investments in everything from renewable energy to pandemic preparedness—hold promise for the rest of the globe.

In the face of numerous catastrophes including Covid-19, the Ukraine War, and Dangerous Planetary Changes, the HDI has decreased for the first time in two years, with 90% of countries experiencing a decline in their HDI value in 2020 or 2021. A country’s health, education, and average income are gauged by the HDI.

The recent reduction in the HDI has been mostly attributed to a global decline in life expectancy, which fell from 72.8 years in 2019 to 71.4 years in 2021.

The analysis confirmed that under the current conditions, a policy and programmatic solutions cannot be justified as business as usual.

“Policies that focus on the 3Is will enable people to thrive in the face of uncertainty. India is already a frontrunner in these areas, with its push towards renewable energy, boosting social security for the most vulnerable and driving the world’s largest vaccination drive through Co-WIN, supported by the UNDP,” said Shoko Noda, UNDP resident representative in India.

India has rescued an astounding 271 million people from multifaceted poverty over the past ten years. The nation is making it easier to access potable water, sanitary facilities, and cheap clean energy.

With a 9.8% increase in the budgetary allocation to the social services sector in 2021–2022 over 2020–2021, India has also improved disadvantaged groups of society’s access to social protection, particularly during and after the pandemic.

India’s contributions to sustainable development on a global scale are escalating. India is a proponent of South-South cooperation and has become a significant supplier of Covid-19 vaccines and medications on the international market.


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