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Gurugram Alcohol Prices to Increase: 20% Hike In Beer Prices Due To Haryana’s New Excise Policy

Haryana's new excise policy, effective from June 12, has led to a 20% increase in liquor prices in Gurugram. The policy, which includes higher liquor duties, is expected to boost the state government's revenue by around Rs 250 crore compared to the previous policy.

Edited By : Aniket Raj | Updated: Jun 13, 2024 15:54 IST
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Gurugram Alcohol shops
Gurugram Alcohol shops

Haryana’s latest excise policy, which came into force this week, has resulted in a 20% rise in liquor prices in Gurugram after 162 zones, covering 324 liquor vends in the city’s east and west regions, were successfully auctioned. The new policy proposes an increase in liquor duties across the state. Effective from June 12, the updated Haryana excise policy will immediately implement the new rates. Reports indicate that the new excise regime is projected to boost the state government’s estimated revenue by approximately Rs 250 crore compared to the previous policy.

According to a report, the Haryana government has auctioned a total of 162 zones in Gurugram, comprising 83 in the west and 79 in the east. The highest bid received was Rs. 50.57 crore for a liquor vend located on Golf Course Road, while the second highest bid was Rs. 48.28 crore for a vend at Bristol Chowk. Additionally, two zones in the west and 20 in the east are scheduled to be auctioned in another phase on June 14.

Impact on Beer Costs:

Following the implementation of the new excise policy in Haryana, the price of a case of beer (which contains either 12 bottles of 650ml each or 24 bottles of 330ml each) is expected to increase by up to 20%. Additionally:

  • The price of Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL) is set to rise by 15% per bottle, depending on the alcohol content.
  • The price of imported foreign liquor (IFL) will increase by 12-15% per bottle.

Moreover, the bottling fee for beer supplied within Haryana has been raised from Rs 11 to Rs 12 per bulk litre, and for beer supplied outside the state, the fee has increased from Rs 1 to Rs 1.50 per bulk litre. As a result, the overall cost of beer is anticipated to rise by 20%, influenced by factors such as the escalation in raw material prices.

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Gurugram has long been a favored destination for liquor enthusiasts in the NCR region. According to data from the excise department, five out of the top 10 bids for liquor vends are situated near the border with Delhi.

The city’s popularity as a liquor hub stems from its reputation for offering a wide range of deals and discounts. Gurugram is often preferred due to consistent shortages of beer in neighboring areas like Delhi, Noida, and Ghaziabad, especially during the hot summer months. Residents from these cities frequently visit Gurugram to purchase their favorite beverages, attracted by both the availability and affordability of alcohol.

This trend has cemented Gurugram’s status as a leading destination for liquor shopping, serving not only local residents but also catering to customers from nearby cities facing supply challenges.

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First published on: Jun 13, 2024 03:54 PM IST

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