First Indian transgender to give birth; Know entire process of pregnancy HERE

New Delhi: For the first time in India, a male transgender will give birth to a child. Ziya and Jahad, a trans couple living in Kozhikode, Kerala, have given this information. This unique case is being discussed all over the country.

What is the whole matter?

Ziya Paul met Jahad one day three years ago in Kozhikode city of Kerala. Both of them were transgender. In the very first meeting, both of them became friends. Soon their friendship turned into love and they decided to live together. Jiya was a boy in the beginning. A year after meeting Jahad, he changed his gender to become a girl. At the same time, Jahad became a boy from a girl.

Now, Jahad has become pregnant despite being a boy. This is the first such case in the country, when a male transgender will give birth to a child. Two years ago, 23-year-old Jahad and 21-year-old Jia Pawal started the process of changing their gender. Due to Jahad’s pregnancy in 2022, this couple had to stop this process of changing the gender in the middle. On 3 February 2023, Ziya shared a picture on Instagram saying that Jahad is 8 months pregnant.


The couple has said in their post that once they become parents, once again they will start this process of changing both genders. Jia said in an interview that- ‘When we started living together 3 years ago, we felt that our life should be different from other transgender couples. We wanted a child, so that someone could be our own. Let us leave something behind even after we are gone.

How did Jahad become pregnant even after becoming a man?

In order to change the gender, Jahad had removed both her breasts. However, her breast removal surgery was not completed. Similarly, the process of his becoming a man was still incomplete that one day both of them made a physical relationship. Due to which Jahad became pregnant.

According to Jahad, she is undergoing gender reassignment therapy at Kozhikode Government Medical College Hospital. After the delivery of the child, he will once again start the process of becoming a man again. After birth, the baby will be given milk to drink from the breast milk bank for the time being. Now the couple is eagerly waiting to become parents.

Can a transgender get pregnant after undergoing gender change?

The most important thing to get pregnant is the uterus. The one who has a uterus can become pregnant. For this reason, ‘cisgender female’ and ‘transgender male’ born as female can become pregnant as they have female reproductive organs as well as uterus.


Not only this, people undergoing gender change therapy to become male from female can also become pregnant. If someone has removed the uterus for gender change, but has not removed the ovaries, cervix and fallopian tubes, then having a physical relationship with a male partner can lead to pregnancy in the fallopian tubes itself. However, carrying this type of pregnancy forward is difficult.

Something similar has happened with Jahad as well. Due to the change of gender, he started looking male, but all the female reproductive organs were not eliminated from his body.

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