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DK Shivakumar Hints at Potential Increase in Bengaluru Water Charges Amid Financial Concerns

Shivakumar pointed out that Bengaluru has not seen an increase in water tariffs for the past 14 years, resulting in considerable financial difficulties for the BWSSB.

Edited By : Swechchha | Updated: Jun 19, 2024 14:20 IST
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Bengaluru water tariff hike
Bengaluru water tariff hike

Deputy Chief Minister and Bengaluru Development Minister D.K. Shivakumar hinted at an impending rise in monthly water charges, citing the financial challenges faced by the Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB).

In a statement on Tuesday, June 18, Shivakumar underscored that water tariffs in Bengaluru have remained stagnant for the past 14 years, exacerbating significant financial hardships for the BWSSB. “Increasing the water tariff has become necessary as the water board struggles to meet electricity bills and grapples with difficulties in paying staff salaries,” he pointed out.

Shivakumar justified the need for the tariff hike by drawing parallels with the escalating costs of essential commodities. “A gas cylinder, previously priced at ₹400, now costs ₹1,000. Similarly, petrol prices have surged from ₹75 to over ₹100. Given these increases, should the water tariff also be adjusted?” he posed.

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With Bengaluru’s escalating demand for drinking water and the BWSSB’s financial instability, the prospect of higher water charges looms large. The city’s burgeoning population and infrastructural demands have placed additional strain on water resources, necessitating adequate funding to sustain supply and service levels.

The potential increase in water charges underscores ongoing efforts to address financial deficits within the BWSSB and ensure the sustainability of water provision in Bengaluru. As discussions progress, stakeholders, including residents, businesses, and civic authorities, are encouraged to participate in dialogue focused on balancing the city’s water needs with fiscal responsibilities.

Shivakumar’s statements highlight the complexities of managing urban water supply amidst economic pressures, reinforcing the imperative for proactive measures to secure Bengaluru’s water future.

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First published on: Jun 19, 2024 02:20 PM IST

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