‘Democratic values are being blown away, will teach them a lesson after 2024’: Nitish Kumar

New Delhi: Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has slammed BJP after breaking JDU MLAs in Manipur. Nitish Kumar said that breaking the leaders from the party is not a constitutional act. It is wrong to break the people from other party. So we have to think and fight together. Nitish said that if everyone stays together then the public will also come with us.

On the question of joining the race for the post of PM, Nitish said that when the time comes, he will go to Delhi. Accusing BJP of breaking the party, Nitish said that the country is witnessing new form of politics, democratic values ​​are being blown away. Along with this, Nitish said in a tone of warning that after the 2024 elections, he will teach them a lesson. During this, Nitish asked whether it is a constitutional thing to break the elected people of the other party?

Nitish Kumar bashed BJP

Hitting out at the BJP, Nitish Kumar said that the BJP has forged alliances in many states with those whom it had once accused of corruption. Everyone knows who is promoting corruption. Nitish said that the JDU MLAs of Manipur who have joined the BJP had already spoken to them that we would separate from the NDA.

The meeting of JDU’s state executive is being held in Bihar. It will discuss the unity of the opposition at the national level. The meeting of the National Executive of JDU was already considered very important. Nitish had already told his party office-bearers that what he saw in the state, will now be seen in the country. Nitish took stock of the preparations for the meeting late in the evening on Saturday.

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Out of 6 JDU MLAs in Manipur, 5 MLAs have joined BJP. JDU is blaming BJP for what happened in Manipur.

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