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Cyrus Mistry: Will data recorder chip reveal secrets of car accident?

Cyrus Mistry Death: Many questions are being raised after the death of former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry in a road accident. The Mumbai Police is also inquiring about Mistry’s death. Palghar Police of Maharashtra has asked many questions to the car manufacturer Mercedes.

Cyrus Mistry died in an accident on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway on Sunday.

Maharashtra Police questions

Why didn’t the airbags in the car open after the accident?
Was there any mechanical problem with the car?
What was the brake fluid in the car?
what was the tire pressure?
What are the reasons for the accident in the investigation of the car manufacturer.
Was the steering locked after the collision?

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The chip will be sent to Germany

The carmaker team will answer all these questions in its report. According to agency sources, the carmaker has informed Palghar police that the data recorder chip of the vehicle will be sent to Germany. More details about the SUV will be available after decoding from Germany.

The speed of the car will be known through the calculation of time and the footage of various CCTVs and after getting information from the data recorder.

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Maharashtra Police probing many aspects

According to sources, Cyrus Mistry along with others had left Udvada at 1:25 pm on Sunday. The accident took place at around 2:28 am. He had covered a distance of about 60 to 65 kilometers in 1 hour 2 minutes. The Maharashtra Police is also probing whether Cyrus Mistry’s car was stopped on the way or the vehicle was traveling at a high speed.

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