Saturday, May 30, 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic: India suffers record COVID-19 jump with over 6K new cases

Of the total cases on Friday, 66,330 are active. At least 148 new fatalities were also reported in 24 hours, taking the death toll to 3,583.

New Delhi: Despite the lengthy coronavirus lockdown which is now into its fourth phase, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow at an alarming rate in India and has now registered a new record with over 6,000 cases in 24 hours.

The global coronavirus pandemic, which started in Wuhan, China has wreaked havoc all over the world.

In spite of all precautions and a nationwide lockdown, cases of coronavirus infection continues to increase in India as well.

The number of novel Coronavirus patients in India passed the significant one-lakh mark on Tuesday with total number of cases rising to 1.01 lakh, with a rise of 4,970 cases in past 24 hours, Union Health Ministry data revealed.

With the government allowing a slew of relaxations during the fourth phase of the coronavirus lockdown, India on Friday broke its own 24-hour record adding 6,088 cases in single day as the total number of coronavirus cases touched 1,18,447, the Union Health Ministry informed.

India has now recorded a daily growth of over 5,000 COVID-19 cases for three consecutive days.

Of the total cases on Friday, 66,330 are active. At least 148 new fatalities were also reported in 24 hours, taking the death toll to 3,583.

So far 48,534 people have been cured, including 3,233 in the last 24 hours, said the Health Ministry.

The worst hit state continued to be Maharashtra. It crossed the 40,000 mark and reported 3,345 new cases and 64 new fatalities in past one day, taking the total cases count to 41,642, including 11,726 recoveries.

Tamil Nadu went past Gujarat and is now the second worst-hit state, reporting 776 new cases in 24 hours that took its tally t 13,967, including 94 deaths.

Gujarat reported a total of 12,905 cases, including 368 fresh ones.

Delhi reported 571 new cases taking the tally to 11,659. Delhi has been reporting over 500 cases since the last four consecutive days.

States with more than 5,000 cases each are Rajasthan (6,227), Madhya Pradesh (5,981) and Uttar Pradesh (5,515).

Other major states and Union Territories that have reported more than 1,000 cases each are West Bengal (3,197), Andhra Pradesh (2,647), Punjab (2,028), Telangana (1,699), Bihar (1,982), Jammu and Kashmir (1,449), Karnataka (1,605), Odisha (1,103) and Haryana (1,031).

States and UTs that have reported a significant number of corona cases are Kerala (690), Jharkhand (290), Chandigarh (217), Assam (203), Tripura (173), Chhattisgarh (128) and Uttarakhand (146).

Cases spiked in the Northeast state of Manipur and reached 25. In Goa, there are 52 cases now. Puducherry which was reporting very few cases, has also shown a gradually spike taking its total to 20 cases.

The number of coronavirus patients in India has doubled in just 12 days. 109 days after the first recorded coronavirus patient in the country, the number of cases has crossed one lakh.

The first lockdown began in the country on March 25, when the number of coronavirus infected people was 606. When the second lockdown started in the country on April 15, the total number of coronavirus cases in the country was 11,439.

The third phase of the lockdown began on May 4 when there were 42,533 coronavirus infected patients in the country. There were 96,169 COVID-19 patients in the country when the fourth phase of the lockdown started on May 18.

As far as the average number of COVID-19 cases between May 14 and May 17 is concerned, India’s situation is alarming. More than 4,000 cases have been reported daily during this period.

It took 86 days for the number of coronavirus cases to reach 25 thousand in India. Cases doubled to 50 thousand within the next 11 days. Then in a week the number of cases exceeded 75 thousand.

It took India just 5 days to go from 75 thousand to one lakh. It took 62 days to reach 100 to one lakh cases. The growth rate of coronavirus cases in India is the fourth slowest country in the world. Turkey, France and Iran have slower growth rate than India.

13 days when highest number of coronavirus infections were reported in India:

May 22  6088

May 21  5609

May 20  5611

May 19  4970

May 17   4987

May 14    3722

May 13    3525

May 12    3604

May 10    4296

May   8    3563

May   7    3344

May   6    3602

May   4    3656
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