BJP wants to take money from poor & give it to rich: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: The office of Young Indian which is located in the Herald House, New Delhi was sealed by the Enforcement Directorate. This was done in a case linked to the National Herald newspaper. Rahul Gandhi was not in Delhi while the toppling situation arise in Delhi.

ED said that the office was sealed as there was no one from their side in whose presence the searches can be conducted.  In this regard, senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge was issued a summon to help in the search getting conducted.

Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi was in Karnataka when the situation was toppling here in Delhi. Later in evening Rahul Gandhi gave a brief statement to the media. He claimed that the BJP-led central government wants to favor some specific businessmen.

He said, “BJP wants that nothing in India should be made by the small and medium businesses. They want that everything should be made by 2 or 3 of their favorite big businessmen. Their entire idea is to take the money out of these people’s pocket and give to big businesses.”

He further said, “They want to take away what is theirs and give it to 2 or 3 biggest industries. So in India, if you look at demonetization, GST, farm laws, every action of theirs is about taking money from poor and weaker people and handing it to the biggest players.”

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