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Bihar Man Dies in Delhi Hospital Due to Heat, Fever Reached 107 Degrees

A Bihar man tragically died after succumbing to heatstroke, despite receiving treatment at a Delhi hospital. The victim's fever reportedly reached a concerning 107°C (224.6°F), raising questions about the accuracy of the diagnosis and highlighting the dangers of the ongoing heatwave. Medical experts stressed the importance of accurate diagnosis for proper treatment of heatstroke.

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: May 30, 2024 13:06 IST
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Bihar Man Died Of Heatstroke, Fever Shoot Up To 107

Patna, Bihar – May 30, 2024: A man from Bihar has tragically died after succumbing to heatstroke, despite receiving treatment at a Delhi hospital. The victim, reportedly suffered from a high fever reaching a concerning 107°C (224.6°F).

Medical experts have expressed deep concern, highlighting the dangers of the ongoing heatwave and the potential for misdiagnosis.

“A body temperature of 107°C is simply impossible,” a leading physician in Patna explained. “This reading suggests a malfunctioning thermometer or a more serious underlying condition. It’s crucial to diagnose heatstroke accurately to administer proper treatment.”

The exact cause of the man’s fever remains unclear. Heatstroke can cause a rapid rise in body temperature, but not to such extreme levels. Other factors, potentially combined with the intense heat, might have contributed to his condition.

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“This incident underscores the dangers of the scorching heatwave gripping several parts of India,” stated a health official in Bihar. “While details are still emerging, this tragedy serves as a stark reminder to stay hydrated, avoid strenuous activity during peak heat hours, and seek immediate medical attention for any heat-related illness.”

The incident has sparked discussions about the readiness of healthcare facilities to handle heatstroke cases, particularly in rural areas with limited resources. Bihar, along with other states, has witnessed a rise in heat-related illnesses in recent weeks.

Authorities are urging people to take precautions against the heat, including wearing loose cotton clothing, staying indoors during peak sun hours, and consuming cooling beverages.

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First published on: May 30, 2024 01:06 PM IST

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