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‘You’ll Sleep With…’, BB17 Contestant Aishwarya Sharma Opens Up About Her Break Up With Rahul Pandya

After her eviction from Bigg Boss 17, Aishwarya Sharma has been confronted with numerous gossips from the outside world.

Edited By : Aniket Raj | Updated: Dec 28, 2023 16:48 IST
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Actress Aishwarya Sharma participated in the latest season of Bigg Boss 17 . While she was in the show, her ex-boyfriend Rahul Pandya made several claims about her, sparking controversy. After leaving the show, she discussed this issue for the first time, but she didn’t reveal much at that time. In a recent interview, she shared what Rahul Pandya said to her, resulting in the immediate ending of their relationship.

After her eviction from Bigg Boss 17, Aishwarya has been confronted by numerous gossips from the outside world. While she has already given her reactions to her ex’s claims, a viral clip from a television interview has Aishwarya asserting that her ex, Rahul Pandya, made inappropriate remarks about her is going viral. She disclosed that he stated if she entered the film industry, she would sleep with actors and producers.

Aishwarya stated, “He claims that I married him. Please, show me the marriage certificate. The person has exited my life, and these are my old photos. He was a guy from my college and he’s doing all this for fame. I have been in the industry for 9 years. Where was this person for 9 years?”

‘I gained fame and success when I participated in ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi,’ so why didn’t controversies arise then?. In ‘Bigg Boss,’ there is always an entry into the house through controversy as they know that exes are entering the show. He claims to have provided financial help, but my family is quite well-off and I do not need someone else’s money. I can earn my own income’ she said

Aishwarya further stated, “I came to Mumbai on my own merit, on my family’s strength. That guy had told me to quit acting, otherwise, I would sleep with actors and producers. He said this, and I immediately broke up with him at that time. Now, that person wants to enter Bigg Boss by using my fame. I broke up with that guy in 2014, and now, I don’t know where he came from, while I was in Bigg Boss and have no idea about it.”

Aishwarya added that he is such a foolish person that he leaked pictures from my college days. My father has never spoken to him. He is foolishly telling lies. She said, “Bring that person in front of me, and I will slap him so hard. I am saying this on camera. If he tries to ruin my life, I will ensure he goes to jail.”


First published on: Dec 28, 2023 04:43 PM IST

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