Urfi Javed hails Kangana Ranaut as latter supports her bold fashion sense

New Delhi: Urfi Javed had a change of heart when Kangana Ranaut lauded her for her attitude and fashion statements, and she is fascinated with Ranaut. Urfi and Kangana’s verbal sparring never turned unpleasant, as the actress admired Uorfi.

It all started when Urfi chastised Kangana for mocking Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film Pathaan. Urfi lost her cool and responded to Kangana’s post by comparing Pathaan to Dhaakad. Javed expressed her feelings on Twitter, pointing out that she is separating art based on faith.

Known for sharing frank views on Twitter, Kangana called Urfi ‘pure and unique,’ and even appreciated her fashion sense. The Splitisvilla contestant reacted to her words, and wrote on her Twitter, “Our political views don’t match but gosh mad respect for this woman today (red rose and heart emoji).”


Urfi Javed says she has ‘mad respect’ for Kangana Ranaut

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Kangana took her tweet and replied back, “I am a sensitive n sensible person not a political person,I was asked to join politics many times I didn’t but those who hate my light they need to justify their hate/fear,they reason that they hate my political ideologies,ha ha whatever helps them get through the day (folding hands emoji).”

After Javed bashed Ranaut, she appreciated Urfi, and wrote, “In India there was Queen called Mahadevi Akka, who loved Shiva her husband before the court said if she loved Shiva n not him then she shouldn’t take anything from him,she dropped all her clothes left the palace and never covered her body again. Clothes and a lack of them.”

Ranaut further called Uorfi ‘pure’ and ‘divine.’ She added, “Mahadevi Akka is a shinning star In the world of Kannada literature she is the greatest, she lived in forests and never wore clothes. Don’t let anyone shame you about your body, you are pure and divine, my love to you.”

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