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RIP Raju Srivastava: Rohan Joshi clarifies insensitive remark after massive backlash

New Delhi: Comedian Rohan Joshi faces backlash from people for saying ‘good riddance’ on Raju Srivastava’s demise. The comedian died on Wednesday, after 41 days of hospitalisation. When the whole entertainment fraternity mourned Raju’s demise, Rohan Joshi did the other way round.

Stand-up comedian Rohan commented something on the post shared by Atul Khatri. Atul wrote,  “RIP Rajubhai. You were such an inspiration to so many. Whenever you went on stage you lit it up. Your presence was such that when people just saw you there was an automatic smile on their faces. You will be truly missed. A big loss for the Indian Stand-up Comedy scene.”

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Responding to this Rohan commented, “We haven’t lost a thing. Whether it was Karma whether it was the roast or any coming in the news. Raju Srivastava took every opportunity he ever got to shit on new comics, especially after the new wave of stand up started. He went on every fkall news channel every time he was invited to go shit on an upcoming art form and call it offensive just because he couldn’t understand it and new stars were rising. He might have told a few good jokes but he understood nothing about the spirit of comedy or defending someone’s right to say something even if you don’t agree. F^^k him and good.”

Now after receiving backlash from the netizens, the stand-up comedian deleted his comment and clarified his statement. He wrote, “Yehi soch kar delete kiya kyuki after a minute of anger I realised today is not about my personal feelings. Sorry if it hurt and thanks for the perspective.”

See Rohan Joshi’s comment here

Rohan Joshi
Image Credits: Twitter

Meanwhile, Rohan’s insensitive remark has also disgusted actor Sikandar Kher. He shared Rohan’s comment on his Instagram story and wrote, “There are always people that will not be the ideal way we think they should be. But, that’s life and we as humans and humanity should deal with it for our own health and happiness (in my opinion). But, after reading this about someone who’s passed away too soon, I am just sad to see that a young man who might be funny and witty, probably lacks a huge dose of humanity. #unfortunate #disheartening and very very very #uncool. Ps: took a lot for me to be this polite.”

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Image Credits: Instagram
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