Nawazuddin Siddiqui wishes to see his children before withdrawing petition; deets here

New Delhi: Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui has informed the Bombay High Court that he simply wants to see his two children and that if that is granted, he will rescind his plea for a writ of habeas corpus.

The youngsters were reported missing from their school in Dubai, according to attorney Pradeep Thorat, who is defending the actor. “That was the only reason that a habeas corpus was filed. I am aware of the limited relief that I can get in this petition. He has not seen his children physically. This is his limited concern. After that I will withdraw the petition,” Thorat told a media outlet.

The plea, according to attorney Shikhar Khandelwal representing Siddiqui’s estranged wife, was infructuous because, at the time it was submitted, the woman and her two children were residing in a home owned by the actor’s mother. “My client is willing to settle the matter. But when she is living with the children at the actor’s mother’s residence, then how is it possible that he does not know where they are? He is very much free to meet his children. He is the one who is not meeting them,” Khandelwal told a media outlet.

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Thorat added that Siddiqui’s estranged wife had petitioned the Bombay High Court to have the FIR against her that his family had filed against her dismissed. In that instance, a different division bench of justices had requested that they hear the case in chambers with both parties present. According to Thorat, the petition for the divorced wife’s divorce was last heard on March 14 and will be considered again on March 27.

“All concerns as of now are being communicated through lawyers on email, which is basically for demand of money. On the next date of hearing, on March 27, the parties are to meet in the chamber of the judges. We can keep this case after that,” suggested Thorat.

The bench agreed with Thorat that it was best to wait to see if an amicable resolution could be reached first. Khandelwal objected to Thorat’s assertion about a “demand for money” and demanded evidence of it.

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As the estranged wife and the children, who reside in Dubai, arrived in Mumbai, problems between the two arose, which resulted in the two getting into a court dispute. According to Siddiqui’s suit, his consent was not sought before the kids were flown from the UAE to India.

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