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MC Baba Overcomes Criticism To Become World’s First Deaf And Dump Rapper, Know More

MC Baba, a deaf and mute rapper from Africa, uses unique vocalizations, facial expressions, and hand gestures in his music. His style 'Deaf Hop' gained popularity from a viral video.

Edited By : Swechchha | Updated: Jul 10, 2024 23:40 IST
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MC Baba, Deaf and Mute Rapper
MC Baba, Deaf and Mute Rapper

A person has been going viral on social media for a while now with multiple videos in which he raps in an odd tongue, leaving viewers perplexed as to what he is truly saying. His videos have also given rise to a lot of memes. A number of people and Instagram accounts repost his films with the question, “What should we look up on YouTube?”

Rapper MC Baba is mute and deaf and hails from Africa. He has nevertheless made his own musical choices. But not many people know about him.

In addition to his peculiar and distinctive vocalisations, MC Baba uses hand gestures and facial expressions to convey his emotions when rapping. Baba has forged his own identity, even though it is hard for others to comprehend. His unique style, dubbed “Deaf Hop,” helped him become well-liked by crowds. It was a music video that went viral that launched his career.

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Within a short time, MC Baba became well-known all around the world. One may argue that the creative approach of the rapper from the Democratic Republic of the Congo is revolutionising the music industry. For many, he is relatable and inspirational. In his songs, MC Baba cleverly uses his voice.

In his raps, MC Baba uses a distinctive fusion of peculiar voices, expressive facial expressions, and hand gestures to convey his message. Baba has established his individuality, despite the fact that many people misunderstand him. His ‘Deaf Hop’ approach, which is his own hallmark style, helped him become well-known to audiences. It was a music video that went viral that launched his career.

In this video, he showcases his unique rhythmic vocalizations while rapping, which went viral. Initially criticized by some, Baba later garnered praise for his courage and determination as several of his videos surfaced. The video features Baba interpreting the song ‘Oko Lela Epa Ya Nani’ by Artist Paterné Maestro and Farel Ex Mokaréji Studio.

MC Baba made his debut in the music business in 2021 with the group La Baserone. But in 2023, he made the decision to pave his own professional route, and after much hardship, he was able to establish both his reputation and his career. His distinct artistic style has a lot of social media resonance.

MC Baba’s ability has been warmly welcomed by his peers and the people of the nation, as seen by the approximately 10 million times that one of his videos has been viewed in a single day. Still, there are differing opinions about his music on social media these days.

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First published on: Jul 10, 2024 05:32 PM IST

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