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Master of tropical house, Sanjog Bhushan, makes return to release magical single ‘ON MY WAY’

It is surreal to know about all those people who, instead of blindly following the crowd in their respective fields, make sure to create their own path to success. It is so essential today to hold more talk around such individuals, who never shy away from taking the required risks in life and ensure to […]

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It is surreal to know about all those people who, instead of blindly following the crowd in their respective fields, make sure to create their own path to success. It is so essential today to hold more talk around such individuals, who never shy away from taking the required risks in life and ensure to step a firm foot of theirs to rise above and beyond their own expectations and create their unique niche in all that they choose to do in their careers. It is time for the world to know more about such stories, stories of people, who relied on themselves, their talents, innate skills, confidence, conviction, and most importantly, a strong self-belief. We couldn’t help but notice how Sanjog Bhushan emerged as one such fine example of a man and an artist who “never gave up.”

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While making one’s unique niche in one’s career and desired industry, the path to success is generally filled with too many challenges because no one ever said that life is all about happiness and sunshine always. Still, there are only a few who accept this reality and also find it difficult to cope with the dire situations that come their way. However, there are people like Sanjog Bhushan who stand tall and unique, who accept reality the way it is but leave no stone unturned in fighting those battles, be it personal or professional, and eventually overcome them all to become their best versions.

“It can never be easy for artists or any other professional like me at my age to go through the many hardships that I faced in my journey, but then, who said that success can be so easy to achieve? I knew this, and I know how challenges may keep coming my way even in the future, but I believe that people are stronger than their struggles, and when you work consistently toward your goals with passion, honesty, and determination, no one can ever stop you from achieving what your heart seeks,” says Sanjog Bhushan on a parting shot.

Sanjog’s life story teaches how the closest ones to you can be the real downfall of your wonderful life and career, how jealousy among them can affect bonds. In his case – some of his own people betrayed him to gain rather easy fame and name within the ranks of people.

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“Of course things are better now, with time / family and the right people I have managed to look past what I have in my past. It hurts when people are with you just for fame but that is what life is all about, what life makes precious is that it ends, so be the best version of yourself.”

We sure look up to superstars like him, who fought their way through impartial decision making and rather immature behaviour of people looking for an easy way out.

He also adds, “Keep your success with you rather than talking about it before it happens even if it means sharing it between your loved ones or your friends, you never know who might be the thorn and who actually appreciates your achievements.”

Trix soon turns 22, with this age and his achievements he has been on top of his age chain. Very few artists are able to crack through the window of success like him, with recent heartbreaks betrayals he has managed to come back stronger than most expected or wanted him too.

With his birthday approaching on 1 September, the artist adds, “This birthday is probably going to be a normal one, I’m not excited much since this year has been nothing short of difficulties/ life testing me at every point – yes I know it was caused my own people but again I was somewhere wrong as well. However, what I am excited for most is what the future holds for me in all counts. I’m truly excited for the tracks I have developed in the past 4-5 months, I have put everything in those tunes all my emotions, all my energy. The following months are going to be where I rise again to reclaim my throne. I am coming back for everything, I am the strongest, hungriest and I have ever been.”

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His new single is with the featuring artist THE LOST CLOWNS – The same artists that Trix got to sing on his mega hit BE WITH YOU. The Duo here have formed a formidable partnership is delivering Superhit tunes in the past. ON MY WAY through our understanding speaks about how life hits you when you least expected it. It signifies how life doesn’t end with bad moments, with the good comes the bad – you just have to keep pulling through to make your own destiny.

Sanjog adds, “A lot of things have changed since I released BE WITH YOU but I hope everyone enjoys what I have in store for them.”

Sanjog is by product of (partially) Pinegrove School in Kasauli and Chandigarh Education System.

“I’ve always grown in a bit of strict environment, my school being one of the most respected education organisation, they have always taught us to be patient with such situations and not to react to negativity. I’m always thankful as this learning helped me in times of darkness.”

His life journey has been nothing short of movie, a movie where a person goes through different phases of life with fame, early age success, betrayals, heartbreaks and a surreal comeback. We hope the prodigy of Indian electronic music can find his old rhythm of delivering constant hits because that is what we expect from a strong character like Sanjog.

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First published on: Aug 22, 2022 10:19 PM IST

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