‘Masoom Sawaal’ poster stirs controversy, depicts Lord Krishna on sanitary pad

New Delhi: The poster of Santosh Upadhyay’s ‘Masoom Sawaal’ stirred controversy upon allegedly hurting religious sentiments. The poster, that was unveiled two weeks ago, depicts an image of Lord Krishna on a sanitary pad.

Following the controversy, the makers and cast of the movie have reacted to it and said that it was unintentional to hurt anyone.

Ekavali Khanna, who plays a lawyer in the film, says, “Firstly, I’m not aware about any backlash that the poster received. But if that is the case then I can just say that the makers didn’t have any intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments.”

“The sole purpose of it was to break the taboo and change the narrative. In this generation, there is no room for superstitions and ill practices that are forcefully imposed on women unnecessarily,” she added.

The film’s director Santosh Upadhyay said, “ sometimes our perspective of viewing things is wrong, which leads to misconception.”

He further said, “The entire film is based on menstruation hence, it is mandatory to show the pad. That’s why there is a pad on the poster and not Krishna Ji on the pad. Due to which, we are also receiving less support to promote this film.”

Meanwhile, the trailer of the movie has been dropped by the makers on July 18.

Click here to watch Masoom Sawaal Trailer

Masoom Sawaal is based on menstruation and the taboos associated with it. The fringe movie stars Nitanshi Goyal, Ekavali Khanna, Shishir Sharma, Madhu Sachdeva, Rohit Tiwari, Brinda Trivedi, Ramji Bali, Shashie Vermaa and other.

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Directed by Santosh Upadhyay, the film is written by Kamlesh K Mishra. It is produced by Ranjana Upadhyay of Nakshatra 27 Productions, the movie will hit the theatres on August 5.

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