Monday, April 6, 2020

Hollywood: Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom enjoy their space

Hollywood: Pop superstar Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom feel the secret to their happy relationship is all about giving each other 'space'.

Los Angeles. Pop superstar Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom feel the secret to their happy relationship is all about giving each other ‘space’.

While coaching some contestants on ‘American Idol’, the ‘Dark Horse’ hitmaker opened up about their secret to a healthy relationship, reports

‘One thing that’s going very well in my current relationship – yes, I did secure the ring – one thing I have noticed that is really helpful is giving each other a little space,’ she said.

The singer added: ‘In this competition, it’s great to have understanding and partnership and to be teammates and support each other. But this time is about fulfilling your personal dreams. Just know your priorities right now. Because I think both of you kind of suffered in what you showed a little bit. We know you’re both better than what you gave, okay?’

Perry is currently expecting her first child with her fiance. She previously admitted that Bloom has helped her become ‘the best version’ of herself and allowed her to ‘evolve’ and discover who she really is.

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She said: ‘I’ve consciously or unconsciously picked a partner that makes sure to keep me evolving into the best version of myself. There’s a lot of friction between my partner and I. But, that friction breeds something beautiful. It can breed a lot of light.’



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