Bigg Boss 16: If BB contestants had alternate profession based on personality

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 16 is getting intense and interesting each day. Especially its contestants are exuding different shades of their personality in each episode. Its not specific to BB 16 contestants only, each season shows us hilarious traits of its contestants-and we sometimes love it, sometimes hate it.

Well, taking about the personality traits of the BB contestants, let us analyse the alternative professions of our BB 16 contestants based on their personality.

Shiv Thakare: The Strategist

The way Shiv plans strategies to play his game inside BB house aptly makes him a perfect candidate of a strategist.

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Shalin Bhanot: The Chicken Seller

Shalin’s obsession with chicken is something beyond imagination. Looks like he will be a perfect fit to open a chicken shop. He will never miss out of CHICKENNN!!!

Archana Gautam: Prime Time TV Anchor

Archana Gautam is blessed with a super loud and cringy voice. No matter what the conversation, she just won’t let anyone else speak. She could most definitely be a prime-time news anchor.

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Soundarya Sharma: The Nutritionist

Vegan! Vegan! It’s all she does Vegan! Vegan! It’s all she knows. Who can be a better nutrition expert than Soundarya?

Abdu Rojik: Therapist

Whenever someone is in a bad mood or depressed, India’s fav BB contestant Abdu is the one to provide a hug and consolation therapy.

Sumbul Touqeer Khan: Professional Cry Girl

Need someone to cry on behalf of you? Please contact Sumbul who is always up for getting rid of her tears. An ancient tradition, professional criers or professional mourners are basically people who are invited to funerals to cry.

Gautam Singh Vig: Boyfriend For Rent

Remember the regional app where you can rent boyfriend? I guess Gautam Singh vig can rightly chose this profession for himself.

Tina Dutta: The Lecturer

Tina doesn’t just play the game, she also lectures other contestants on how they should be playing the game. Considering how preachy she is, she could be a teacher or a lecturer.

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary: Opposition Leader

The way she enters in everyone’s business to prove her agenda, I am sure she can prove to be a good opposition leader.

So this is our analysis of Bigg Boss 16 contestants in a parallel world. Which do you agree with?

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