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Armaan Malik Reveals How He Handles 2 Wives; ‘Says My 2 Wives Are Like Kidneys…’

Armaan Malik, renowned for his popular vlogs, shared his strategy for ensuring the happiness of both his wives. He stressed the importance of love over money for wives, drawing parallels with divorced Bollywood actors.

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In a recent interview, YouTuber Armaan Malik, known for his popular vlogs, discussed his formula for keeping both his wives happy. He emphasized that wives require love rather than money, citing examples of divorced Bollywood actors. Malik highlighted that he accords parental status to both his wives, ensuring no discrimination between them, likening their relationship to that of vital organs like kidneys.

Armaan Malik Discusses The Dynamics Of Relationship

During his recent appearance on Siddharth Kanan’s show, Armaan Malik discussed the dynamics of his relationships when asked about maintaining harmony with both his wives. He remarked that all three of them have come together, forming a love triangle. Initially, there were challenges, with a separation from one wife, Payal, but upon reuniting, it felt as though nature had intended for all three to be together. Malik emphasized that their interactions now are not limited to individual outings or intimacy with one person while neglecting the other. He reiterated that women seek happiness over wealth, citing examples of Bollywood stars who divorced despite having financial stability. Malik humbly expressed that he considers himself unworthy compared to his wives.

Armaan expressed that his parents passed away long ago, and he regards his wives as parental figures. He has devoted everything in the name of Payal and Kritika, emphasizing that if they were to be removed from the household, he would have nothing left. Armaan emphasized the importance of cherishing and respecting one’s wife, regarding them as precious. He likened both his wives to kidneys, emphasizing that there is no discrimination between them. Regarding his son, he mentioned that Chiku has always been aware of having two mothers since childhood. Armaan recalled that when he first met Kritika, Chiku was 2 years old, and he is now 9 years old.

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First published on: May 17, 2024 02:29 PM IST

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