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‘An Old Lady Was Touching My Feet..’ Mohit Raina Revisits A Lesson For Life

What happens when your work is such that you become much more bigger, at least in beliefs of other people, at times Mahadev himself!

Edited By : Mayank Kasyap | Updated: Sep 20, 2023 17:11 IST
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Mohit Raina who played Mahadev in the daily-soap Mahadev.

New Delhi: The famous daily-soap actor Mohit Raina, who has played the iconic role of the Supreme Lord Mahadev in the serial that also goes by the same name. Raina was recently heard speaking in Ranveer Allahbadia’s podcast. The moderator asked Raina about what happens when people start looking at you as a character rather an actor.

‘You Are Mahadev for people!’

Ranveer asked, “Do you know when people visualize Mahadev it is your face that comes to their minds.”

Responding to the question Mohit Raina recalled a considerably old encounter with n old woman. He said, “Absolutely! You are right I think I was blessed. He chose me. See, every celebrity is looked differently. There are certain actors that you really want to meet and shake hands. Because every person has a different sort of connection with that actor.”

Revisiting an old encounter

Revisiting an old encounter And that cannot be explained in words. I still remember many years ago one elderly lady met me and she was about to touch my feet. And I asked her ‘Mataji what are you doing?’

“You are like my grandma. And she responded saying something very beautiful,’ he added.

To his enquiry the old woman responded with a beautiful lesson that has stayed with Raina ever since. She went on to further explain that you are just a path for me to establish a spiritual connection with the almighty Supreme Lord Mahadev.

‘A medium to Mahadev’

She said, You don’t have any right to stop me. Please don’t think that I am touching your feet. You are a channel, a connection. A medium to Mahadev. So please don’t stop me and please don’t take my 5-10 seconds of spiritual connection with the almighty.”

Raina says at the end of the clip, “At that point I started believing that, Okay! I’m just a medium and I don’t have any right to stop people or to be far from them.”

First published on: Sep 20, 2023 05:11 PM IST

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