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Amandeep Singh Batra’s guide: How to become a successful music producer?

Music World: If you’re going to start your journey as a producer, you might need some sage counsel in order to make a significant leap in the industry. Music Producer Amandeep Singh Batra  shares some “Things to Remember” that will aid you in mastering the challenging task of film and music production.

Amandeep has worked in the music industry for more than a decade. Ishq Nibhava, Dum Laga Ke Bum Hila, Rula Rahe Ho, Pyar Nhi Karna, and a long list of blockbuster songs are among his many well-known mega projects. Being a producer, he says “every time a music video is done, it’s a miracle.”

Use Your Resources, Embrace Your Limits

Check if there is a festival that you can use as a backdrop the week before you want to shoot that great crowd scene. Make the most of your skills. There’s a good chance that you or your team have access to a unique resource that you can use for your movie or video.

Let’s face it, the game is rigged in favor of the blockbusters, so resist the urge to attempt to imitate their elegance and glamour. Young filmmakers may find it discouraging to work within the limitations of the industry. Thus, altering your thinking is the first step. Instead, you can go your own way and do something that big studios wouldn’t dare to do in the first place.

Keep An Eye On Details, Study Your Favourite Projects

If young filmmakers and music video producers merely concentrate on their favorite work, many of the mistakes they make may be avoided. Select a movie you like and turn off the sound as you watch it, pay close attention to the camera angles, editing, and lighting.

Keep Motivation, You Can Do It

You should learn something new and be able to accomplish something you never believed you could achieve with each movie or music video you make. This does not suggest that you have to venture out every time and do something unfamiliar. You should apply the skills and strategies you’ve previously mastered, but if you’re not enhancing them and pushing yourself farther in some way, you’re playing it safe. It will be apparent.

Invite Friends and People to Review Your Work

You can frequently evaluate your film or video more objectively if there are other individuals in the room while you watch it. If you’re still adamant that your movie needs to run for 20 minutes, think about how long that time will seem when 300 others are watching it with you.

A Good Producer is a Good Host Too

You have ultimate control over the atmosphere and tone on set as a producer. Like at a dinner party, you are the HOST of the movie, and you have to keep your eye on the prize while also helping others to do the same.

Never Give Up, Failure Makes You Master at Work

It’s your fault for not trying hard enough if you haven’t yet failed at making movies. Congratulations, you’re well on your road to being a successful film producer if you have.

As Amandeep Singh Batra recently founded “Celebrino Records” with the sole purpose to provide emerging Indian artists with a global platform. “If you truly love cinema and filmmaking, with all your heart, and with enough passion, you can’t help but make a masterpiece,” he says as he draws to a close his advice to aspiring producers and filmmakers.

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